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Brand name

Brand name

From early《The book of songs》In about a mother's love
“I'm from me,I'm in abdomen。”
“From me”Changed“Cool me”
Now network language elements into the core brand
Makes me cool brand sense of from the page
The vigor is refreshing

Cool · Also extremely

Cool is a kind of personality,The pursuit of perfection,Reveal personality
Type is interesting
I · Also independently

The brand meaning

Brand interpretation

“Cool me”Because of a mother's love,My soul with mother heart is cool,
Selfless motherly love“Cool me”Details。
“Cool me”Blend in children grow up happy bear responsibility,
Let mothers no longer for love——
Set up a bridge between mother and child。
“Cool me”,Is the children's close friend。

Have a dream that one day,The mother of all children diet to the health of the children no longer hesitated;
Have a dream that one day,The mother of all children no longer worry for the company of children;
Have a dream that one day,Cool I will cover the children to eat、To wear、With the education。

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